The unique thing about CBD oil today is that it is everywhere. Until a few years ago, it was more than just a novelty. Advance to this day, and you can easily find reviews of cbd – the best in almost every corner of the world. However, as a poorly regulated industry, the market is often overcrowded with poorly manufactured, inferior quality products that are more than a waste of money for customers.

Fortunately, many reputable brands have gained trust through years of exceptional service – and most importantly, quality products that work. The difficulty for consumers is to go into thousands of sub-items to find such products.

This guide will save your problems by identifying the best CBD oil companies in the field. We selected five premium brands based on overall quality, flair, CBD potency, customer ratings, and value for money.

Each of these brands offers something different. Before we dive into something, let’s examine some of the key advantages and disadvantages of using CBD oil.

Understand what CBD oil is

CBD oil is a substance found in the hemp plant. Proponents claim that CBD has various therapeutic benefits, including the ability to relieve symptoms related to anxiety, depression, insomnia, chronic pain. And even epilepsy.

Currently, CBD (cannabidiol) is not a substance approved by the Food and Drug Administration. The only exception is the epileptic medicine Epidiolex, which uses CBD as the main active ingredient. The 2018 farm bill has created some confusion in this regard, as it has effectively legalized industrialized hemp – which is currently manufactured by most CBD products. Industrial hemp can contain large amounts of hemp, including cannabidiol, depending on the variety. For this reason, the Farm Bill states that hemp is legal as long as it contains 0.3% THC or less.

Deficient levels of THC in hemp mean that those who use CBD oil should not feel drunk. However, as you will quickly discover in this guide, not every CBD product is created equal. The best brands invest time, effort, and money in making the best products. This is one of the reasons why premium quality CBD is relatively expensive.

Although there are dozens of CBD products to pick from, CBD oil continues one of the most common. Most oils come in a bottle with an integrated drip lid. Users put a few drops of oil under the tongue, hold it for up to 60 seconds and swallow it. With a waiting time of 60 seconds, the cannabinoid in the oil can effectively enter this body through the sublingual glands also blood vessels. Most agree that CBD administered sublingually (under the tongue) has a higher rate of absorption than CBD administered orally.

Does CBD oil have benefits?

When talking about the benefits of CBD oil, we must be careful. Please note that most CBD products are not FDA-approved. Therefore, sellers cannot make any health claims about their products. You cannot specifically say that CBD “cures” or “cures” a condition or disease. As a result, brands should use cautious language when discussing how cannabidiol works in the body.

In addition to “treating” or “curing” anything, CBD can provide users with a tremendous benefit in creating and maintaining a healthier lifestyle. Some of these main benefits are:

Adjust your sleep cycles and create standard sleep patterns

Help treat anxiety and daily stress

Help manage pain, aches, and stiffness in the joints

The level of study on how CBD works in the body increases significantly. Several studies indicate the ability of the connection to reduce, for example, a person’s anxiety levels or help them fall asleep. Other data support the idea that CBD helps reduce a person’s pain.

Thanks to the FDA approval of Epidiolex, the most detailed area of ​​study on the benefits of CBD oil relates to seizures and epilepsy, of course. Several studies suggest that cannabidiol use can reduce the frequency and severity of attacks. A study by Silvestro et al. For example, the April 2019 article in Molecules states that CBD “can be a hope for patients who are resistant to all conventional anti-epileptic drugs.”

There are dozens of other research papers that have come up with similar results. For example, this study, published in Epilepsy Currents in 2014, offers a wealth of practical information on CBD and epilepsy. The problem is that the lack of clinical research in other areas prevents cannabis from being used in different conditions. Without clinical research, the FDA is unlikely to change its position – and without complete legitimacy, researchers will not be able to obtain the funds they need to study the use of CBD for other conditions. This is a vicious circle and should end sooner rather than later.

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However, in most areas, finding CBD is still very easy – even if some countries are stricter than others regarding what a CBD product contains (and what is not allowed). For example, the Idaho Office of Drug Policy states that CBD products do not have to contain THC and come from only five specific parts of the hemp plant.

The good news for US residents is that the federal government often leaves it to individual states to enforce regulations about the use and availability of hemp and CBD. Most forms have entirely accepted the legitimacy of the newly discovered cannabis, although only a small hand remains persistent in their policies. (For more information on cannabinoids in your location, check out our CBD case guides.)

The most important thing is to invest in good, great-made CBD oil no matter where you live. As discussed in part above, this may be inherently complicated, especially since today’s market is saturated with hundreds, if not thousands, of CBD brands.

How to choose the best CBD oil

Know the source of hemp: Ideally, brands use industrial hemp grown in the United States or one of the few select countries in the European Union. Organized farmland hemp in the United States maintains high levels of quality. As a result, he learned that hemp does not contain GMOs, fertilizers, and other pollutants such as pesticides and heavy metals.

Look for third-party lab reports: lab reports aren’t cheap, but all reputable brands pay for them. The lab report enables customers to determine the exact hemp and terpene content of each CBD product. In most cases, the maximum allowable THC level is 0.3%. As we discussed above, developments in states like Idaho can’t even contain trace amounts.

Take a look at the extraction method used: Carbon dioxide extraction uses carbon dioxide to remove hemp from this hemp plant. This supercritical version of that process is the gold model used by many major brands today to create very efficient and high-performing CBD products. In general, the hemp extract that uses CO2 provides the best quality CBD oil.

Find the correct type of extraction: today, customers can buy full-spectrum CBD, which contains almost the entire spectrum of hemp and terpenes found in hemp. Some brands also offer a wide range of nearly the same options but do not contain THC.

There are isolated CBD products that have nothing but saturated CBD in a carrier oil. For those who believe in the effect of the footnote, CBD oils with full or broad-spectrum could be the way to go. But, CBD isolate oils may be beneficial for those who want (or need to) avoid THC.

Other elements to consider and evaluate include the overall results of the brand’s customer assessments, standards of support and customer support, their overall reputation (including time spent in the industry), their commitment to product transparency, transportation, reimbursement policy, and return. It is also essential to research and understand the company’s laboratory reports or certificates of analysis. This will help you determine if CBD oils contain other unwanted ingredients.

Our guide to the best brands of CBD oil

Reducing the list of CBD oil brands for this year has not been easy. However, we analyzed the various aspects, and the process ended up working well, as we managed to get dozens of companies that were far from complete. (By the way, you can check out our complete list of CBD oil reviews to see if you can find one you like that isn’t on this list.)

In addition to customer reviews of CBD oil, we also looked at the overall quality of each oil, its taste, and concentration of CBD, and, most importantly, the total value for money earned. Finally, we decide on the following options.

The best CBD oil for overall quality

PureKana is headquartered in Scottsdale, Arizona, and offers a wide range of innovative products. Not only does this brand sell the best quality oil on the market in our book, but it also sells CBD-containing beverages, toothpicks, honey sticks, and more. PureKana meets all requirements and provides CBD from the organic hemp plant extracted using non-solvent carbon dioxide methods.


Trying to identify the best CBD oil on the market has been very difficult. There are always new hot brands that receive a lot of positive attention, and, of course, separating the explosive sound from the value of the original product can be difficult. Most of these brands have been around for many years (a long time in the CBD world) and have built an excellent reputation.